The one of the barbecue Section (Tokimeki beach)
Section (area) Use the charge Explanation
The clamming hall
Below the stairs
isandy areaj
Free of charge @ If it is the clamming hall, it is available free anywhere. The barbecue is possible even if you come empty-handed
You can bring in ingredients and charcoal and a pot
There are sale of the charcoal and the rental of the pot.
A This is "Special barbecue section". (Limited to weekends and holidays) A reservation is necessary
You cannot bring in food and drink.
Please purchase ingredients at a stand.@Charcoal and a pot and the chair are attached.
Usage time is 2 part system @ 10: 00 ~ 12: 45 A 13: 00 ~ 15: 45.
Clamming outside Below the stairs
isandy areaj
Pay B This is "Pay barbecue section". i\6,000j A reservation is necessary
A tent, charcoal (3kg of one box) , a pot (big size) , a table and the bench are attached.
In one tent, the number of people is to ten people.
@@iCleaning cooperation costs from the eleventh to 300 yen per person is necessary.)
Please prepare for the ingredients in yourself.
   Of course the purchase is possible at a stand, too.
C If it is a designated area outside the clamming ground, it is possible anywhere.
But, as cleaning cooperation costs, 300 yen per person
                           is necessary more than a junior high student.
Designation area Above the stairs Free of charge D If it is a park designation area, it is available free. Please prepare all by yourself
                     In the staircase, the barbecue is not done
Clamming@Sason@Only@@@iPlease check the sea bathing period on the homepage of the beachj@
Tannowa clamming management union